LED Screens

LED Screens

Giving you A Clearer Vision

At Mongey Communications we are passionate about visual technology and providing first-class solutions for our clients, ensuring your event has the best possible system to deliver stunning results.

As Ireland’s leading mobile screen system contractor, we have extensive knowledge in the installation of all types of visual equipment for any size and scale of event, but there also are many other reasons to choose Mongey Communications, including:

  • Chamber of Commerce Award for Innovation and Technology (2018)
  • Europe’s Largest Container Screen
  • Tailor-made solutions in the form of Modular LED Screens
  • Ireland’s largest supplier of high-resolution large LED Mobile Screens
  • Event Production and Event Broadcast Services
  • Screen Branding & Social Media Solutions

Whatever your requirements, we can provide a complete solution from project design, to installation, through to on-site support, so you can rest assured that your next event will be a huge success.

Large Screens

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