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Speaker Systems

Indoor & Outdoor Speakers

We offer a range of Professional Speaker Systems that come in all shapes and sizes. We also provides project expertise and bespoke solutions for systems configuration and commissioning. With system installation and service support through our vast national dealer network, we are able to take your audio system concept through design, supply and installation.

Whether you’re looking for a small portable PA System for conferences, a live music PA System for a band, or a complete, integrated solution for a school or major project, we will help you make the right equipment choices - whilst saving you money and giving great advice.

We can design systems for commercial and industrial applications such as:

  • Schools and colleges
  • Places of worship
  • Medical facilities and nursing homes
  • Stadium and public event venues
  • Theatres and auditoria
  • Retail centres
  • Hotel and conference centres
  • Public houses and nightclubs
  • Factory, warehouse and distribution centres

A breakdown of the equipment we can supply and install...

Horn Speakers

Horn speakers are commonly used outdoors where long sound projection distances are needed. They are also used in noisy environments where high sound levels are required for intelligible messages (i.e., large public spaces, warehouses, and factories). When properly aimed and installed, their controlled coverage and reduced low frequency output increases the direct sound level and reduces low-frequency masking, which are significant advantages in large rooms


Ceiling Speakers

Ceiling speakers distribute sound unobtrusively from a relatively low ceiling over a large floor area. When installed with the proper spacing and sufficient amplifier power, a good quality ceiling speaker provides uniform coverage and satisfactory frequency response for live speech reinforcement and background music applications.

Column Speakers

Column Speaker employs multiple cone speakers arranged vertically on a single baffle board to provide wider horizontal directivity. This type of speaker is common;y found inside Churches where sound needs to fill narrower spaces.


Wall Speakers

Wall-mount speakers, which are generally full-range, multi-way systems, are often well suited for foreground music. They are also applicable if the ceiling is very high or is otherwise not suitable for mounting speakers. Speakers may be mounted directly to the wall’s surface or with a swivel bracket.

Portable Speakers

These portables systems will liberate you from hardwired cable. Up to 3 wireless microphone links, bluetooth music streaming, built in USB player/recorder guarantee optimum audio connectivity.


Mixing Desks

A mixing console is used for a wide variety of purposes such as a recording studio, as well as for live sound and concert playback situations. Mixers are often classified by their input and output (I/O) capabilities. Most professional boards have many more input and output capabilities besides the main I/O's. In addition, boards can serve as signal routing devices, moving audio signals from one device to another.

Audio Cable

We supply audio cables for digital and analog applications. Ranging from 3.5mm stereo audio to speakon audio to XLR pro audio cables and everything in between, we can distribute sound from any device to any set of speakers.


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