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Wide range of microphones to suit your needs

Our microphone hire department stock all the leading brands e.g. Sennheiser, AKG & Shure.

These include hand held wired microphones suitable mostly for speech only through to professional broadcast quality microphones for use at corporate presentations and for vocal usage such as choirs and bands.

All of our microphones are supplied with microphone stands for floor or tables or in the case of our gooseneck mics they can be plugged into lectern sockets.

We stock different types of Microphones...


Dynamic microphones (also known as magneto-dynamic microphones) work via electromagnetic induction. They are robust, relatively inexpensive and resistant to moisture. This, coupled with their potentially high gain before feedback, makes them ideal for on-stage use.



A wireless microphone is a microphone without a physical cable connecting it directly to the sound recording or amplifying equipment with which it is associated. They are widely used in the entertainment industry, outside broadcasting, and public speaking to allow the speaker to move about freely while using a microphone to amplify their voices.


Condenser microphones have a much greater frequency response and transient response - which is the ability to reproduce the "speed" of an instrument or voice. They require the use of a power supply, generally 48 volt "phantom power", and that's supplied very easily by most mixing boards or external power supplies


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